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How To Make subtitled DVD with AVI DVD Burner


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How To Make DVD with subtitles using AVI DVD Burner

From version 4.0, AVI DVD Burner support manually load subtitle file, so if you know where your subitlte file is, just load it manually.
To do it, please right click on the movie you have added, then choose "Load Subtitle".

Where to get the subtitles?

Currently there are many web site that provides subtitle file downloading service. Like:
you can search your movie on these sites, and download the subtitle from it.

Becareful to download the correct subtitle that matches the avi movies you got, or the subtitle may not be synchronize with the movie. After get a subtitle from internet, please try to load it manually, then play it on AVI DVD Burner to see if the subtitle is synchronize with the movie before you do the converting.

There is a easy way to find the correct subtitle, first is to make sure the subtitle files number is the same as avi movies, for example, you got a movie with 2 avi files, then you need to find the subtitle split to 2 files.

If you want to know how the "auto-load" subtitle function activates, please read the information below:

How avi and subtitles works together ?

Currently popular avi movie uses external subtitle files. So after you downloaded from internet, you will get several files together, including avi files and subtitle files. For example, I downloaded movie "Assault on Precinct 13", and get these files:

Of course, the two avi files is the movie that we got, and the other two files have extension of "srt" are subtitle files.
The name of avi file includes several information:
1, of course is the movie name "Assault on Precinct 13".
2, the produce year of the movie.
3, the source, DVDRip means ripped from DVD.
4, Xvid means the video codec of the movie is Xvid.
5, AC3 means the audio codec is AC3.
6, CD1 means this the no. 1 of the files, because many guys like to burn avi movie into CD-R, so the movie is often cut as 700M each so that it can be easily put into one CD-R.
7, TED tells who make this avi. It is very important if you don't have matched subtitles for the movie, because different maker cut the movie on different point, so you need to find the matched one with this name.

Did you notice one important thing ? The file name of the movie and the subtitle are all the same.

How to make AVI DVD Burner read subtitles ?

When you load the movie to Avi DVD Burner, it will search for the subtitle file that have the same name as the movie. How to know whether Avi Dvd Burner load subtitle correctly ? Very simple, just click and select one of the avi file listed, and if the subtitle is loaded correctly, the "subtitle language" area is valid, and you can check or uncheck "Use subtitle while preview and convert", and if your subtitle files include several language, you can choose it on the listbox.

If not, possible reasons are :
1, Is the subtitle file name the same as movie file name ?
2, One of the subtitle file format is ".idx/.sub" pair, this type of subtitle is made from the origin DVD movie, the subtitles are all saved as picture(while many other formats save subtitle as text). So the ".sub" file may be very large, for convinence of internet transferring, the ".sub" is often zipped or rared, so you need to unzip or unrar the file to get correct ".idx/.sub" pair. For example, If you get something like this:
You need to unrar the rar file and get a ".sub" file.

If you make Avi Dvd Burner load subtitles correctly, the following things are very simple. Just convert and burn, you will get a subtitled DVD movie.

Why I can't turn off subtitles after I make a subtitled DVD movie ?

Because currently all subtitles are coded with the picture of the movie, so you can't just turn off subtitle like DVD movies purchased from shop. But it is possible to make a subtitle turn-off-able, we are already working on it, and it will be supported on the furture version of Avi Dvd Burner.

If you have any problem, contact us mailto:support@avidvdburner.com