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How To Make subtitled DVD with AVI DVD Burner


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AVI DVD Burner Features

  • One-Click professional DVD maker

    AVI DVD Burner is a one-click professional DVD maker for AVI movies. With AVI DVD Burner, you can easily convert AVI movie files into VOB format and burn them into DVD.

  • High quality of conversion

    With advanced video encoders, AVI DVD Burner retains the quality of an AVI movie to the max.

  • High audio quality

    With direct AC3 technology, AVI DVD Burner gives you the same audio quality as the original DVD if the AVI has AC3 audio track.

  • Automatical DVD Burning supported

    With built-in DVD writer, AVI DVD Burner could automatically start burning after conversion.

  • Partial conversion of one AVI file supported

    AVI DVD Burner can convert part of one AVI file according to your desired starting time point, ending time point and length of time.

  • Combining of several AVI files supported

    AVI DVD Burner can combine several AVI files into one DVD.

  • Movie Preview supported

    You can play the movie files in AVI DVD Burner's Preview window. This is an effective assistance for movie file conversion and DVD burning. With this function, you can choose the parts interested in by setting the starting time and ending time in the movie. Then convert the specific parts and burn them into DVD.

  • Subtitles display supported

    The subtitles of AVI movies converted and burned into DVD by AVI DVD Burner can be displayed.

  • Automatical computer shut down supported

    The computer can be shut down automatically if you choose the option in AVI DVD Burner.

  • DVD menu supported

    While burning multiple movies into one DVD, AVI DVD Burner can create a menu for you. You can then use this menu to directly access a specific movie in the disc you burned with AVI DVD Burner.


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