AVI DVD Burner Manual:


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Quick Start

Two simple steps for burning dvd use Avi Dvd Burner.

Step 1: Add video files.

After started program, click the "Add video files" button to add the video files you want to convert, you can add several video files at the same time.

When video files is added, a prompt dialog will show up for choosing the title name of the movie, the title will be showed on the dvd menu screen of the DVD burned.

We recommend not adding video total length of 2 hours, cause too long video will decrease the video quality of burned DVD.

screen shot of avi dvd burner

Step 2: Convert And burn

After added video file, put a blank DVD recordable disc in your DVD burner, click the "Convert & Burn Now" button, after 30-60 minutes, your DVD will be made complete.

screen shot of avi dvd burner