AVI DVD Burner Manual:


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Avi Dvd Burner have three preference page, General, Compress and DVD menu page, for DVD menu page, please refer to DVD menu section.

General Preference Page:

screen shot of general preference page

  • TV System: there are two different TV system in the world, one is NTSC another is PAL, the prior is mainly for Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, the United States and some of Americas, the later is for other countries besides. BUT nearlly all recent years TV is auto supporting both of the TV system, so it is not so important, if you are not using some kind of old TV.
  • Display Time Format: change different Time format displaying mode, it's just for the converting progress notify, not for the movie content.
  • Remove old file before converting: here defines how to remove temporary video files, to remove to recycle bin or remove file permanently. Cause the temporary files are large and no use normally, so we recommend remove them permanently.
  • Remind me after detected no enough space for converting: If Avi Dvd Burner detects there will be not enough space for converting, it prompt a message for warning, recommend ON.
  • Remind me if new version: every time program started, it is detecting for new version, it's the option to turn this function on or off.
  • Use compatible mode to burn DVD: if the Avi Dvd Burner can't detect your DVD writer, try to check this option on, but it's only valid after restarted program.

Compress Preference Page:

screen shot of compress preference page

  • Video Bitrate:
    • Auto detect: Avi Dvd Burner will use the proper bitrate based on the movie length, this is recommended option.
    • Constant value: use a constant bitrate. If you are setting too high value, it will affect how long a DVD disc can contain movie. If you are setting too low value, the Video quality will be terrible. Good values are between 2000-9000.
  • Video Max Bitrate: the max bitrate for encoding video, can't be bigger than 9000.
  • Audio Bitrate: the audio encoding bitrate. For Ac3 audio encoding, the Avi Dvd Burner will choose proper bitrate based on audio channels. and is not affected by the value set here.
  • Chapters: check this option to create chapter on created DVD movie, you can change lenght of every chapter.