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Adding Video Files

"Video Files" is the first page of Avi Dvd Burner, in this page you can add video files, manage the added video files, manage subtitles, preview the added video and selecting the clip you want to convert. Some time you will get "codec missing" dialog, maybe you can play the movie with your media player normally, but you still need codec for Avi Dvd Burner to convert it, so we recommend using a compatible codec pack, the K-Lite codec pack.

screen shot of avi dvd burner


  • Add Video Files: add the video you want to convert to the converting list.

    converting list

    As shown above, the added files are splitted to two titles, you can consider title as a movie name, if a movie is splitted to several video files, you can reunite it here.

  • Convert & Burn Now: one click button for do converting and burning.
  • Search Subtitles: after clicked, a helper dialog showed up to help doing subtitle search.

    The search subtitle dialog helps you doing subtitle searching, the movie file name is extracted to the edit box of the center region, that's make it easy for you to copy the words and paste it to the "Movie Name" edit box, after selected the right searching keywords, choose one of the subtitle sites, then click "search now" button, your web browser will be opened, and you can go the subtitle sites downloading subtitles.

    search subtitle dialog

    After subtitles downloaded, you can link the subtitle with the video, for how to do that, please refer to this page.

  • On the bottom of the converting list, "The DVD name" is the words will be showed on the menu of DVD. Following is the screen shot of DVD menu sample. "My DVD" can be changed to any words you want, just edit it here.

    dvd menu screen shot
  • If you right click on the converting list, a popup menu will show up.

    pop up menu of converting list

    Popup Menu functions:

    • Add Video Files: same as the "add video files" button.
    • Remove Selected File: remove the selected added video file, you can remove several files at same time, and you can also do it by press "delete" key of your keyboard. And you can't remove a titleunless you have removed all video files related to that title.
    • Create/Edit Title:

      converting list

      You can right click on the second "fight club" file, and select "Create/Edit Title", it will create a title here, so the one "fight club" title is splitted to two, one has one movie file, and the other has two movie files. You can also use this menu item for title editing.

    • Move Up/Down: when selecting one movie file, you can use this function to re-order the file, but you can't move title up and down.
    • Modify Time: you can use this function for converting just clip of movie, by setting start time, length or end time, you can just convert part of the movie file.
    • Load Subtitle: after selecting movie file, use this function to link subtitle file to this file. for details, refer to subtitle manual.
    • Auto load subtitles: auto find the subtitles, the subtitle must be in the same directory with the movie file and the subtitle must have the same name as the movie file.
    • Search subtitles: helper dialog for subtitle searching.
  • Subtitle Language Region: this region is to choose the language you want, if your subtitle files support multiple language.
  • Movie info region: here shows the detailed information of the selected movie file.
  • Movie preview region: included a preview window, play stop control buttons, a seeking bar.

    • Play Button: play the selected movie.
    • Stop Button: stop the playing movie.
    • Pause Button: pause the playing movie.
    • Set Start Time: for converting movie clip, set the converting start position.
    • Set End Time: for converting movie clip, set the converting end position.
    • FullScreen Button: while previewing, switch to full screen mode.
    • Seeking bar: to seek the previewing movie.
  • From version 5.0, if AVI DVD Burner can't find working codec to decode the movie, it will prompt you to download the K-Lite codec pack. K-Lite codec pack is the best codec pack we ever used, so we recommend it to our customers, it handles nearly all types of video and audio you can see, it's a one-for-all codec package. And after you installed it, it also means you can use AVI DVD Burner to convert nearly all types of movies you can find to DVD.